Important Things to Understand When Taking Out a Personal Loan for Foreigners with a Licensed Moneylnder

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No matter how well planned your life is – you have a good steady source of income with healthy spending habits and you always keep away a sum for a rainy day – you can find yourself beset by an emergency you are ill equipped to handle. During such times, you may need to apply for a personal loan to help meet all or some of the cost implications of such happenings.

How does it work?

Anyone above the age of 21 can secure this type of loans, provided you can show your ability to repay the full amount according to the terms agreed on between you and your lender of choice. This means that you have a steady job, or a steady stream of income that you can demonstrate to your lender with supporting documentation. Also, the loan repayment period must end before you attain the age of 65, though some lenders have elevated this limit to 70 years. It is also to your great advantage to have a good credit history with a high credit score. The higher your score, the better placed you will be to receive funding from the source of your choosing.

In Singapore, one qualifies to borrow up to four times their monthly income, though individuals with salaries higher than $100,000 can easily negotiate for higher amounts and be granted depending on the arrangement they come to with the lending institution. As compared to DBS personal loan for foreigners, Credit 21 offers a better personal loan for foreigners arrangement for you. This can also be seen as compared to POSB personal loan for foreigners too.

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Repayments are usually made on a monthly basis following the agreed upon schedule, and any delays in repayments without due communication may accrue late payment penalties. The amount you pay depends on terms and conditions stipulated by the lender. There are also accompanying charges for every loan type, such as processing fees and insurance fees. As you conduct research before settling on a moneylender of your choosing, these are some factors you ought to bear in mind.

Image result for personal loanPersonal loans have the advantage of carrying faster processing times, which makes them an ideal turn-to source of funds in case there arises an emergency. Typically, you can receive your full loan amount within a day or two of submitting an application accompanied by required legal and official documents. They also have the flexibility that allows one to negotiate a repayment package which is comfortable and acceptable to both parties, particularly when sourcing from licensed moneylenders rather than banks and other established financial institutions with preset policies regarding their loan packages.

Credit 21 Money Lender is a professional and fully licensed money-lending company in Singapore. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to access a Singapore loan then we are the answer. We also provide payday loan Singapore, business loan in Singapore and foreigner loan in Singapore as well to people who are working and receive a regular monthly income.

What about setting up a business in Singapore?

Image result for business loanWhether you are a business person or not, you are bound to run into some difficulties that urgently need cash to resolve. Getting money to sort out such difficulties can spell the difference between success and failure in many cases. When you come up with a great idea, implementation will no doubt require some cash. This can lead to serious problems especially if you do not have enough savings.

With a personal loan, you do not have to worry much because you can always get the funding you need to implement your ideas within the right time. Ideas are often time conscious meaning they can only make sense if implemented in good time. It is for these reasons that you should find a reliable financial institution that can help you fund your projects on short notice.

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